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Has claimed “Mission Accomplished” too soon?

Over the weekend, those in charge of announced “Mission Accomplished” that the site is now performing optimally, and will be able to handle 50,000 concurrent users.   The team also stated that if there happens to be a problem, they have software in place to help get to the root cause.  Any affected user will get a number in line and receive an email when they can return to… read more

DevOps is Changing the M in APM: Performance Requires Management – Not Monitoring

There has been a lot of talk amongst vendors and industry experts in the last year about how APM fits in the DevOps philosophy.  There have been many claims that because a vendor is easy to install and use, it automatically makes it a solution catered for a DevOps crowd.  This cannot be further from the truth.  Most vendors provide simple monitoring solutions that alert on performance degradations. read more

Escape Application Performance "Groundhog Day" with Culture Change

I love movies.  There is just something about them that can teach us a lot about life.  One of my favorites is Groundhog Day. The construct of this movie is that the main character Phil, played by Bill Murray, is trapped having to live the same day over and over again.   This is what it can be like for IT when it comes to managing… read more

Performance In Development Is The Chief Cornerstone

In Roman architecture the stone in which a construction project was started from was called the cornerstone or foundation stone.  It was the most important because this was the stone in which all other stones would be based off of.  Great care was taken in making sure that the angles were correct.  If there was a slight deviation, even one degree, it could cause structural issues for a foundation.  When… read more

Proactive vs Reactive: How to prevent problems instead of fixing them faster

I consistently stand in front of customers wanting the same thing from their performance monitoring tool sets.  “We want to be more proactive,” they proclaim in desperation.  “We need to have a tool that will automatically alert us to a problem” they demand.  “We want to address a problem before it becomes a problem.”  This is a constant challenge for Operations.  Think about it.  How many times have you said, “I will… read more