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An Integrated Approach to Load Test Analysis, Part 2 – The Follow-up Test

This post was co-authored by Andreas Grabner, Team Lead for the Compuware APM Center of Excellence. In a previous post, I demonstrated how to add more depth to the analysis of a Compuware APM Web Load Test by combining the external load results with the application and infrastructure data collected by the Compuware PureStack Technology™. But, now that we have tested the system once, what would… read more

Integrated Load Test Analysis: Using Dynatrace Web Load Test and PureStack Technology

Andreas Grabner described how he used the Dynatrace PureStack technology to identify the server-side performance issues during a recent load test run against the Dynatrace Community Portal, a production application used by our customers. He was able to quickly identify the CPU bottleneck that caused the performance degradation in the server environment, leading to an almost immediate resolution of the issue. read more

How Internet Outages Can Affect Your Application: Outage Analyzer and the adBrite Closure

Complexity is the new reality of web and mobile applications with almost no new release going out without the addition of services and applications spread across many different companies. But the reality of this new interrelationship is still the same: If a third party internet outage or issue occurs,, your brand is the one that is affected. With up to 1,500 distinct third-party services available to choose from around the… read more

Evolving an APM Strategy for the 21st Century

I started in the web performance industry – well before Application Performance Management (APM) existed – during a time when external, single page measurement ruled the land. In an ecosystem where no other solutions existed, it was the top of the data chain to support the rapidly evolving world of web applications. This was an effective approach to APM, as most online applications were self-contained and, compared to the modern… read more

Super Bowl Sunday 2013 – Winners, Losers, and Casualties

No matter which team you were cheering for (or if you even watched the game at all), Super Bowl Sunday 2013 was more than a football game. Since the late 1990s, Super Bowl advertisers have tried to successfully link their TV ads to their online properties, sometimes with mixed results. Even 15 years later, companies can’t always predict how well their sites will perform on the big day. But unlike… read more

Holiday Shopping Season 2012 – And Your New Year's Performance Resolution is…?

Depending on the source you read, retail spending during the entire Holiday Shopping Season was either down (according to MasterCard) or up slightly (according to Gallup). However, there is no question that the online retail component of the season was up over 2011, with… read more

Last Week Before Christmas – What's your Performance Resolution for 2013?

As we move into the final weekend of the 2012 Holiday Shopping Season, most online retailers will be looking back on this year and counting it as the most successful holiday season on record. comScore reports that the week of December 10-16 saw over $7 billion in revenue, bringing the total online spending to over… read more

Free Shipping Day – Another Day of Performance Calm

Monday December 17 was Free Shipping Day, the last of the specially marketed “days” prior to the arrival of Christmas next Tuesday. With a special site and marketing aimed at getting the last-minute shoppers back online and shopping just one more time, retailers hope that this will give them the final revenue burst they need to make the holiday season a success. Despite the marketing, traffic volumes from the Compuware… read more

Nothing was stirring – Performance for Week 3, Holiday Shopping 2012

As with the previous two weeks, there has been no bad or unfortunate news for the web and mobile performance of US retailers. Even on Green Monday, this week’s named shopping event, performance remained consistent and allowed eCommerce spending to reach $1.275 billion according to comScore, up 13% over the same day… read more

On the second week of shopping, Performance is still quite good…

The 2012 online shopping season continues to be a busy one for merchants. Compuware traffic figures indicate visitor volume is up over the pre-Thanksgiving period and comScore is reporting revenues at over $21 billion for the November 1 – December 2 2012 time period. One interesting performance event did occur in the last 48 hours – a primary provider of OCSP information (requests that ensure a site’s security certificate is… read more