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Web Load Test Ramping Best Practices: PART 2

In part one, I discussed the importance of understanding the benefits ramping load can have on web load test results. In this post, I’ll discuss best practices for determining how long to ramp at the beginning of a web load test. The general the rule of thumb for load test ramping is the slower the ramp the better.  Of course, given time and cost restraints, the goal of most… read more

Advantages of Load Testing with Real Browsers

With Web load you have the ability to load test your applications using real browsers (Internet Explorer or Firefox). There some distinct advantages to load testing with a real browser versus testing with a traditional HTTP load testing tool. In this post we will be discussing the differences between testing with real browsers vs. HTTP agents and the advantages of both. read more

Web Load Test Ramping Best Practices: Part 1

In load testing, ‘ramping’, the process of gradually increasing the number of virtual users and load at the beginning and throughout a test, is a recommended best practice. Ramping allows the load to be increased slowly so performance can be measured at different load levels. It also is vital in identifying performance bottlenecks and breaking points of an application. Read more to understand why web load testing is important > read more