Seth Voorhies

Seth Voorhies directs the Digital Performance Insights team and -- having been at Keynote/Dynatrace for eight years -- has experienced firsthand the evolution of the performance space. With a passion for performance, technology, and driving customer experience Seth has helped customers realize the importance of performance as Feature #1 for customer experience, not just for technical organizations but across the business.

Seth Voorhies's articles

5 tips from Dynatrace 2016 Digital Experience Report

Dynatrace recently released its annual Digital Experience Report comparing the digital experiences offered by leaders in seven industries. You can watch the webinar or read the report to find out who the leaders are in your industry. Beyond identifying the leaders, the report dives deep into performance analysis to give you some ideas on how to improve.  In this post, I will highlight my top 5 tips for improving performance collected from the… read more