Sebastian Kruk

Sebastian is a Product Manager with Dynatrace. Since 2009 Sebastian is actively involved in the Data Center Real User Monitoring (DC RUM) project developed by Dynatrace. Contact him at @skruk

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What if it is the Network? Dive Deep and Back in Time to Find the Root Cause

Modern Application Performance Management (APM) solutions can be tremendously helpful in delivering end-to-end visibility into the application delivery chain: across all tiers and network sections, all the way to the end user. In previous blog posts we showed how to narrow down to various root causes of the problems that the end-users might experience. Those issues ranged from infrastructure through application and network, and through … read more

Using a Performance Management Database to Identify Network Problems that Impact SAP

Two weeks ago I wrote about how the world’s largest exporter of dairy products uses SAP to support their huge delivery chain of dairy products.. We recounted how Fonterra used an Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tool to discover that additional training for employees was necessary to speed up certain critical SAP transactions: some employees weren’t optimizing attributes passed to the reports based on custom T-Codes. Unfortunately, additional SAP training… read more

What It Takes to Deliver User Experience Management

User experience can boost or kill your revenue. Unhappy users are likely to abandon a service they struggle with and go to your competitors. To effectively manage the experience of your users, you need to efficiently monitor and understand their transactions in your mobile, web and enterprise applications. More importantly, and often overlooked, the practice of User Experience Management (UEM) does not end in the client application. Commonly,… read more

SAP Performance Problems? When to Blame the Untrained End User

In my previous posts I wrote about how important it is to have end-to-end visibility into SAP in order to avoid serious problems in our delivery chain or to discover that application performance degradation was caused by malfunctioning hardware. One of our New Zealand customers, Fonterra, who is the world’s largest exporter of dairy products, uses SAP to support its delivery chain of dairy products made from 22 billion liters… read more

Drinking Our Own Champagne: Improving Data Center RUM Performance with PurePath Technology

Building an application performance monitoring offering or solution takes a lot of effort; including developing the actual monitoring and reporting application. But making APM awesome takes even more effort and credibility. That is why, when previously known dynaTrace joined Data Center RUM (DC RUM) under the Dynatrace umbrella we decided to check (and possibly improve) DC RUM’s performance even further using dynaTrace instrumentation. In this article we… read more

How Workstation Hardware Problems Can Affect SAP Performance Perception

Introducing SAP is a cost that makes everyone very cautious about the return of this investment. Performance problems with SAP delivery can quickly propagate to seriously affect business operations and lead to tedious war room scenarios. End user complaints will usually point towards the SAP team, the SAP team will blame the network, and IT operations team will fight back. But what if the root cause of the problem is something… read more

The Mystery of the Little Big Transaction Time

There is a common belief is that to make the right decision or to find the root cause of a problem we need to analyze as much information as possible. We, citizens of the information society, however, sometimes feel overloaded and strained with information. As a result, we try to weed out unnecessary bits quickly and focus on only those that can bring us closer to solving the current problem. Analyzing a performance problem usually requires an end-to-end view of the complete transaction that impacted the end user experience. In this article we will show how numbers can be misleading and, if not carefully analyzed, may seem pretty insignificant. We also discuss how a proper data analysis tool with fault domain isolation workflow and an understanding of what is normal (baselining) can help us to get to the bottom of the issue, e.g., that a database server is experiencing a performance problem. read more

Filling Citrix Visibility Gap with Application-Aware Network Performance Monitoring: Part 2 – End-User Experience Monitoring

Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop are a perfect fit for lowering the costs of desktop management and simplifying access to the hosted applications from any device. Last week we discussed some challenges to application performance monitoring (APM) introduced by Citrix. Apart from getting yet another component in the data center to take care of, the virtualized application delivery becomes “black boxed” from the APM perspective. It gets harder to isolate the fault domain to the network, the infrastructure, or the applications themselves. Today, we will look into monitoring end-user experience of applications delivered through Citrix. read more

Filling Citrix Visibility Gap with Application-Aware Network Performance Monitoring – Part 1: Load Balancing

There are many reasons why companies choose Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop. Citrix can lower the costs of desktop management and simplify access to hosted applications from any device. Citrix seems like an ideal solution but it introduces certain challenges to application performance monitoring (APM). With Citrix we get yet another component in the data center to take care of. In addition, the virtualized application delivery becomes “black boxed” from the APM perspective. It gets harder to isolate the fault domain to either the network, infrastructure or applications themselves. In this two-part series we will analyze how to discover and handle some performance issues which can happen in the Citrix enabled environment. We start by looking at how to monitor network performance to discover potential problems with load balancing. In the second part we will look into managing experience of Citrix users from the perspective of network monitoring. read more

5 Steps to Improve E-Commerce Performance for Increased Sales: Bonus Track

Our client TescaraHats (...) used APM tool to fix a number of e-commerce application performance and usability issues we presented in this mini-series. But there was still a missing link that would ensure TescaraHats increased sales. I guess you thought we forgot about the conversion rate? Nope, here is how an application performance management (APM) tool can tell you why it is so low. read more