Sarah Reitinger

Sarah is a Senior Software Engineer at Dynatrace. She has been working in the IT sector for almost 10 years, primarily in software development, with increased responsibility for architectural decisions. Sarah is mainly responsible for back end development including performance data processing, data storage, data analysis, and data delivery in the cloud and cluster-based environments. In her spare time she also likes playing around with IoT and meeting other IoT enthusiasts.

Sarah Reitinger's articles

Building a hamster fitness tracker using Dynatrace API

Hamsters are nocturnal rodents and, therefore, are mostly active during the night. My boyfriend and I do have a hamster, and curiosity led us to start thinking about how we could track some of his activities, specifically how far he is able to run within a night. So we decided to turn the hamster wheel into a fitness tracker using the Dynatrace API. Basically, we wanted to capture all the rotations of… read more