Rajesh Jain

Rajesh is a Product specialist at CompuwareAPM. He works with customers across the global, helping them in choosing the right application performance management solutions. He has 10+ years of experience in APM, Web and Mobile performance strategies and is currently focused on APM in the Cloud and Search technologies like Splunk and ElasticSearch. Follow him at @rjain15

Rajesh Jain's articles

Playbook for Performance at Velocity New York 2014

Last week at Velocity Conference – New York I had the opportunity to sit in keynote address by Mikey Dickerson on the topic “One Year After healthcare.gov: Where Are We Now?” Mikey Dickerson is the Administrator/Deputy CIO of USDS. In October, 2013 he took a leave of absence from Google to join what became known as the “ad hoc” team that rescued healthcare.gov after its disastrous launch on October 1. Mikey talked about… read more

Does Performance in the Cloud Matter?

Note: Scott Turner and his team from Verizon Terremark performed the tests on the Terremark Cloud Platform and other public clouds. Scott can be reached at scott.turner@verizon.com One of the most appealing benefits of cloud deployment is the ease of use and the flexibility of adding or removing compute capacity. You can dynamically allocate resources based on the changing workloads which give you the flexibility in managing your compute cost. read more

Top Web Performance Tips from Velocity Conf 2014

I attended the Velocity Conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center recently and there were many sessions on how to improve the performance of your web sites on mobile or web, as well as discussions around what companies are doing to get the “above the fold” content within the 1000 ms threshold. Here are snippets of some of the more interesting sessions I attended and the top web performance tips you… read more