Peter Varhol

Peter Varhol is community evangelist and a product manager for Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring. He has been an evangelist, product manager, technology journalist, and university professor in his career, and speaks regularly at industry technical conferences. He has graduate degrees in computer science, applied mathematics, and psychology. You can contact him at

Peter Varhol's articles

The ChatOps Approach to Software Delivery

Dynatrace synthetic monitoring runs tests against a web application and provides users with information on application performance and availability. This includes alerts whenever performance or availability go below defined thresholds. sl However, the process by which alerts are received, evaluated, and diagnosed is changing rapidly. Some of this change is driven by our new Retry on Error feature, which automatically retries a test that for some reason… read more

Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring Retry on Error

Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring Retry on Error is a new feature that helps users better understand how their application is performing. Simply put if a synthetic test returns an error, the software will retain that result but automatically and immediately re-run the same test. The feature is easy to understand, and easy to use, and the information gained can be very valuable. Sometimes you get the same results on… read more

Dynatrace Recorder Simplifies Synthetic Test Recording

The ability to record tests has always been possible with Dynatrace Synthetic, using a separate recording tool available from the portal. Now it’s even easier, with the new Dynatrace Recorder (in beta at this time). Building your tests are as easy as navigating your web site. The new Dynatrace Web Recorder works as a Chrome plug-in, so you open the Dynatrace Portal using Chrome. A key feature of this design… read more