Mike Ghelli

Director of Customer Services at ruxit

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Happily surprised by happy customers

Can a customer really be happy if they don’t use your product the way you intended? This is the story of my humbling experience with customers I never expected to be happy. I’m responsible for Customer Success at ruxit. My job involves education, support, consulting, and sometimes just being in the wrong spot at the right time. It’s all good though, because I get to see the impact… read more

How microeconomics help boost application performance, Part II

In my last post, I talked about how I keep my approach to application performance simple – I use my one semester’s worth of microeconomics knowledge to continuously evaluate the supply and demand sides of my application architecture. What can go wrong, right? 🙂 One of the points we’ll explore further in this post is that supply shouldn’t be viewed simply as… read more

Using microeconomics to think about application performance

About 15 years ago I gave an application performance presentation to some storage guys. Since I was a database jock at the time and didn’t “speak” I/O very well, I had to try a different approach. Rather than speaking over their heads in my own language, or faking it using their language, I tried to pick something neither of us were experts in – microeconomics. What’s interesting is that that… read more