Michael Kopp

Those who know me know that I'm passionate about 3 things: rock climbing, physics, and performance. I've worked in performance monitoring and optimizations in enterprise environments for the better part of the last 10 years. Now as a Product Manager I am doing my best to build those experiences into Dynatrace.

Michael Kopp's articles

Troubleshooting response time problems – why you cannot trust your system metrics

Production Monitoring is about ensuring the stability and health of our system, that also includes the application. A lot of times we encounter production systems that concentrate on System Monitoring, under the assumption that a stable system leads to stable and healthy applications. So let’s see what System Monitoring can tell us about our Application. Let’s take a very simple two tier Web… read more

The impact of Garbage Collection on Java performance

In my last post I explained what a major Garbage Collection is. While a major Collection certainly has a negative impact on Java performance it is not the only thing that we need to watch out for. And in case of the CMS we might not always be able to distinguish between major and minor GC. So before we start tuning… read more

German Webinar on Agile and Performance – contradiction or chance?

This Thursday, March 24th at 10am CET, I am happy to host a Webinar on Performance in agile environments. Especially eCommerce shops have embraced dev-ops on top of agile development to bring new features to their customers faster. Together with one of our german parnters, PiazzaBlu, we will show the challenges that agile development and dev-ops pose to traditional APM. Oliver Goerke from PiazzaBlue will do a live demonstration on how… read more

Major GCs – Separating Myth from Reality

In a recent post we have shown how the Java Garbage Collection MXBean Counters have changed for the Concurrent Mark-and-Sweep Collector. It now reports all GC runs instead of just major collections. That prompted me to think about what a major GC actually is or what it should be. It is actually quite hard to find any definition of major and minor GCs. read more