Michael Bernard

Michael Bernard is an Intern at the Dynatrace Test Automation Team in Linz, Austria. He is just about to complete his bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg, and will extend his skills with the consecutive master’s degree program over the next two years. Although he hasn’t completed his studies, Michael has had the opportunity to work at several companies representing a range of different areas of IT.

Michael Bernard's articles

Monitoring GO Applications with Dynatrace AppMon

Update: Dynatrace now includes fully automated support for Go-based application monitoring with our OneAgent. Learn more about Go application performance monitoring. Providing fast feedback is a key aspect of continuous integration, so kicking off a new build when changes are committed is a common practice in modern software development. One cool visualization of the current builds (trunk and latest sprint) are our Pipeline State UFOs, located around our development… read more