Matthew Eisengruber

With a focus on the Digital Experience space, Matt works as a Guardian Consultant exercising the value and capabilities of the Dynatrace tool set to help his customers achieve great things within their IT organization. He is a technology enthusiast, focusing primarily on best practices and the optimization of the end-user experience.

Matthew Eisengruber's articles

Defending the Network: Flow vs. Wire Data

In recent months, at multiple customers, I’ve had the opportunity to observe shockingly similar problems that follow an unfortunately common scenario: There is a perceived site issue A war room or incident is started The network is quickly thrown under the bus Why? Because the complaints are only coming from one site; therefore, it MUST be a network issue This predicament results in the network team reeling backward as they scramble… read more

WAN (sic) is it a good time to optimize?

As a Dynatrace Guardian Consultant for the past three years, I’m posted on long-term engagements that allow me to sink my teeth into interesting technical and business issues that are at the very core of the organization. In this instance, the question arose as to whether and when it was appropriate to optimize a WAN? Most recently I’ve been on a dedicated assignment with a large European pharmaceutical company. They have offices… read more