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BYOD: Are your web and mobile apps ready for the revolution?

Today, more than 50% of Americans own a smartphone. They use them to update Facebook profiles, scan and deposit checks, find restaurants and more often than not work. As a result of today’s workforce becoming more dispersed and collaborative, employees often want to use technologies of their choice, including their own personal devices. Businesses have been quick to embrace this trend and give employees the ability to perform critical business… read more

Are Companies Meeting Tablet Users Expectations?

Tablets such as Apple’s iPad or Amazon’s Kindle Fire are increasingly making headlines with astounding growth and website traffic share numbers. According to a recent report, iPads have even begun to account for a higher percentage of Internet traffic than iPhones. Consumers and enterprises have embraced tablets in large numbers for everything from web browsing and social networking to mission-critical business applications that increase employee… read more

Are Banks Prepared for the Tablet Revolution?

In an earlier post, I discussed that if retailers want to maximize ecommerce revenue from tablet owners, they had to first deliver fast, quality, optimized web experiences to their customers on tablets. This not only holds true in retail, but also for financial services. According to Gartner, worldwide tablet sales will reach 326.3 million by the end of 2015. Tablet owners’ higher than… read more

Why Retailers Should Have Tablet Optimized Sites

We recently shared Black Friday and Cyber Monday data that supports the notion that Couch Commerce – shopping on smartphones and tablets from the comfort of your home – is here to stay. The data generated interest including the following article posted on TechCrunch: Retailers Aren’t Ready For iPad Shopping Trend Our data aligns to an overall trend outlined by analysts such as Forrester’s Sucharita Mulpuru:… read more

Mobile is on the move. Are you keeping up with your customers?

After years of eager anticipation, the mobile revolution is now truly moving ahead. According to IDC in 3 years more US Internet users will access the Web through mobile devices than through PCs. By 2011, Nielsen expects the U.S. market will own more smartphones — with advanced browsers and connectivity — than ordinary “feature” phones. But as mobile opportunities increase, so do customer expectations. In a 2011… read more

Is Web Browser Development Moving too Fast?

Earlier this year, Mozilla announced to the market that it will adopt a significantly shorter development cycle for Firefox browser releases in an effort to accelerate browser development and avoid losing further market share to Google's Chrome. So, will other major browser providers also have to enhance and update versions much more quickly or risk losing users? read more

Faster is Better for Web Performance: Google Tackles Slow Web Pages

Google is moving forward with its efforts to make the web faster. Last week the company launched its latest tool to help site owners’ speed up their websites. Google follows a simple and effective mantra – faster is better when it comes to web performance. read more

Can Web applications rival the performance of native and desktop applications?

HTML5 will remake the Web and enable basic websites to do much more. In light of this, web performance is multi-dimensional. Leverage advanced browser capabilities as much as you can, but remember each browser in turn has different capabilities and its own performance characteristics. read more

Will the Latest Round of Browser Wars Improve the User Experience and Website Performance?

Today, a greater share of the Web experience responsibility has shifted from servers to the client-side, where the user’s browser plays a bigger role. In addition, the growing complexity of Web applications has lead to the browser becoming the integration platform. Understand the impact of the "Browser Wars". read more