Krzysztof Ziemianowicz

Kris Ziemianowicz is a Senior Product Manager at Dynatrace, focusing on the network protocol analysis and application performance monitoring solutions. He has more than 20 years of experience working in the software industry, as a developer, systems architect, sales engineer and the product manager. For the past 10 years Kris has been driving the Dynatrace DC RUM product evolution and evangelized the user-centric and network-aware application performance management strategies for industry-standard application stacks like SAP, Citrix, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and others.

Krzysztof Ziemianowicz's articles

Why WAN optimization requires performance management

WAN optimization can only be as efficient as you let it be. Recently I’ve seen a good example that illustrates how, without diligent application performance management, multi-million WAN optimization investments can quickly turn into a lukewarm “implementation completed” outcome, to say the least. The challenge at one of our customers started in a typical way: a large company, with operations around the globe, facilitated by a large SAP ERP and… read more

Citrix Session Reliability Part 2: When “Network Errors” are neither “Network” nor “Errors”

In last week’s post I looked at Citrix Session Reliability and its relationship to key network performance indicators. I concluded by saying that measuring TCP connectivity issues is essential to an understanding of the user’s overall experience, and also that connectivity (or availability) from the user’s perspective likely has little to do with the underlying network performance. Instead, connectivity needs to be analyzed with application flow specifics in mind,… read more

Citrix Session Reliability: Does it Cloud Your Network Insight?

In this post, I won’t discuss the merits – good or bad – of Citrix’s Session Reliability feature; that topic is best left to Citrix engineers. Instead, I’ll focus on the importance of understanding and managing the performance of the underlying network to ensure the best possible end-user experience, with an emphasis on potential connectivity issues that may – or may not – be related to the Session Reliability feature. read more

Why Page Size Matters even more for Mobile Web Apps

“Mobile” and “Web” sound like a perfect match, but reality often shows that these two trends form opposite forces. Recently we had an interesting engagement with one of our customers where we found how easy and dangerous it can be to inadvertently spoil end-users’ experience with mobile web application by forgetting the practical limitations and consequences of web page size, which quickly get heavier with expansion of the application functionality. read more