Klaus Enzenhofer

Klaus is a Senior Technology Strategist in the Center of Excellence at Dynatrace. Klaus influences the strategic direction and development of application performance management solutions. He has deep experience gleaned from years of developing and running large scale web and mobile applications for online businesses.

Klaus Enzenhofer's articles

dynaTrace AJAX Edition 3.5 with Beta support for Internet Explorer 10 and Firefox 10

With the new release of the dynaTrace AJAX Edition you have Beta support for the Firefox 10 browser and therefore you can test the performance of your Web sites with the latest available Browsers from Mozilla and Microsoft. The new dynaTrace AJAX Edition also helps you to prepare yourself for the future. With the support for the Internet Explorer 10 developer preview you are now able to start… read more

Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 8/9 support with dynaTrace Ajax Edition 3.4

dynaTrace AJAX Edition 3.4 now gives you full JavaScript, AJAX, Network and Rendering analysis support for Mozilla Firefox 8 and 9 as well as Internet Explorer 8 and 9. If you want to optimize the performance of all your users’ browser versions, have a look at the dynaTrace AJAX Edition Premium to guarantee the best user experience for Firefox 3.6 to 9 and Internet Explorer 6 to… read more

Third Party Content Management applied: Four steps to gain control of your Page Load Performance!

Today’s web sites are often cluttered up with third party content that slows down page load and rendering times, hampering user experience. In my first blog post, I’ve presented how third party content impacts your website’s performance and identified common problems with its integration. Today I want to share the experience I have made as a developer and consultant with the management of… read more

You only control 1/3 of your Page Load Performance!

You do not agree with that? Have you ever looked at the details of your page load time and analyzed what really impacts Page Load Time? Let me show you with a real life example and let me explain that in most cases you only control 1/3 of the time required to load a page as the rest is consumed by 3rd party content that you do not have under… read more

Why SLAs on Request Errors do not work – and what you should do instead

We often see request error rates as an indicator for SLA compliance. Reality however shows that this draws a wrong picture. Let’s start with an example. We had a meeting with a customer and were talking about their SLA and what it is based on. Like in many other cases the request error rate was used and the actual SLA they agreed on was 0.5%. From the operations team we… read more