Klaus Enzenhofer

Klaus is a Senior Technology Strategist in the Center of Excellence at Dynatrace. Klaus influences the strategic direction and development of application performance management solutions. He has deep experience gleaned from years of developing and running large scale web and mobile applications for online businesses.

Klaus Enzenhofer's articles

Website traffic surge: is it marketing driven or a bot attack?

Nobody wants to be in the news with headlines like this, but it happens. I’d like to share an interesting experience I had when meeting on site with an anonymous customer. I’ve since noticed this same problem a few times, concerning Email Marketing, Conversion impact, nervous operators, CDNs and what happens if there is no communication between the Marketing teams and IT Operations. Is it a… read more

The Essential Omni Channel User Experience Index [VIDEO]

In the past we have been looking at page load times of our desktop browser applications and we used concepts like the APDEX to find out what the user experience looks like but since it got defined a lot of things have changed. At Velocity last November I presented that APDEX is dead, and W3C navigation timings are no longer relevant as THE metric since… read more

Omni-Channel Monitoring in Real Life

In September, Macy’s announced that they will invest 1 Billion $ into their omni-channel strategy. When spending so much money the question that immediately comes up is how to measure the success? Key questions as “Are conversion rates increasing as planned?”, “How good is the User Experience for each channel?” need answers. Since my first blog about omni-channel monitoring, I came across a variety… read more

A Faster Android 5 is Coming; Get the Most out of your Android App Performance!

A new version of Android is coming up, Lollipop, and as usual the Android team at Google is promising that it will be faster, backed by a new ART runtime and the promise is to reach performance improvements up to 100%. I am lucky that I can always take a look at new releases of operations systems, apps or Web sites and apply our latest technology, especially since it is… read more

Holiday shoppers Are Less Patient than Last Year!

Like last year , Dynatrace asked 2000 holiday shoppers in the United States which channels they will use to do their holiday shopping and what they expect regarding the experience. Last year the need for speed was one of the key findings and this year speed matters even more. In fact, 46% of the holiday shoppers will abandon their shopping if the mobile app or web site loads… read more

How to Monitor Swift/iOS8 Applications for Crashes and Performance Issues

Apple just came out with the new programming language Swift . According to Apple, Swift will make it a lot easier and more fun to develop apps for both iOS and OS X. That’s in contrast to the current language, Objective-C, which is somewhat antiquated and considered by many to be difficult to use. Although Swift is easier to use, we are sure that there will be issues… read more

Will FIFA Fix Their Mobile App Problems Before the World Cup?

I was talking with friends about the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2014 and we wanted to look up some facts online to settle an argument using the official FIFA Mobile App. When we noticed the official FIFA app in the Google Play store, I was curious why so many of the recent reviews were poorly rated. While the app still had an overall decent average rating, upon further investigation it… read more

Comparing User Experience: Web, App & Mobile

With the establishment of mobile web and native mobile apps, your website isn’t the only customer touch point anymore. Mike Austin, Director of e-Commerce at RoomsToGo said it best: ”Our customers expect the same user experience throughout all our channels no matter if it is the website, mobile site or the real physical store!” So, how can you measure the user experience across the… read more

What is Mobile Application Performance Management?

…This was one of the questions that we discussed on stage at Mobile Apps World in San Francisco last week. It reminded me that I never wrote a blog about this topic. These are my key findings: – Looking only at the number of crashes as key performance metrics is a thing of the past – Users expect  the same or faster performance from a mobile app… read more

This holiday season 3 seconds will make the difference between winning & losing mobile shoppers!

Mobile performance will make or break retailers this holiday shopping season – so the importance of application performance management (APM) cannot be underestimated.  The convergence of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Hannukah and Christmas shopping combined with a record level of mobile shopping is creating a perfect storm many companies have never weathered before. Over the coming weeks it will be clear which e-commerce players have read our previous blogs and … read more