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Part 2: APM Challenges of Operating in a Virtualized Environment

In my previous post, I focused on the APM challenges when implementing and running a VMware ESX server environment. In this post, I’ll discuss how to solve the APM challenges in a VMware environment. As I covered in the first post, when applications are virtualized and collapsed inside a single piece of hardware, the “one-to-one” relationship between applications and hardware becomes a “many-to-one” relationship, and legacy monitoring solutions lose… read more

APM Challenges of Operating in a Virtualized Environment

Today’s dynamic IT environments are experiencing constant changes. Virtualization and agile development driven by ever-changing business requirements are driving frequent application and infrastructure changes. This persistent change presents challenges to those charged with ensuring end-user experience. One of the downsides to virtualization is the impact it has on [application performance management (APM) solutions. As new hardware and software technology is introduced into the IT environment, IT needs to… read more

Simplifying Network and Application Performance

Ten years ago, the main goal for managers in network operations was to ensure the network was simply up and running. Today a well performing network does not guarantee that critical business applications are being successfully delivered to users. The reality for IT and operations is dealing with requests for faster, always available applications and as a consequence organizations are converging network and application performance to optimize delivery of business-critical applications and… read more