Karolina Ruszkowska

Karolina is a Product Manager at Dynatrace. She is our expert in infrastructure monitoring, with special emphasis on cloud & virtualization topics. She is a big fan of outdoor activities and loves inline skating!

Karolina Ruszkowska's articles

Organize monitored components with tags

Ruxit now provides you with the ability to tag the components of your application environment, enabling you to organize your monitoring data based on key criteria such as environment type, purpose, or owner. Tags are completely customizable and thereby serve as a simple form of annotation that can be leveraged across Ruxit. Once assigned, you can use tags to filter lists of services, hosts.  Tagging enables you to get a quick overview of the performance… read more

Enhanced MongoDB monitoring (beta)

We’re happy to announce the beta availability of enhanced Ruxit MongoDB monitoring. MongoDB monitoring provides you with a good understanding of your MongoDB performance and its impact on your applications. Viewing MongoDB monitoring metrics Captured MongoDB metrics are displayed on MongoDB Process pages. Click the infographic, or click the MongoDB metrics and Further details tabs to view metric details. Collected metrics Metric Description Current connections Reflects number of incoming connections from clients to the… read more

Enhanced MSSQL Server monitoring (beta)

We’re proud to announce beta availability of enhanced Microsoft SQL Server monitoring. Ruxit MSSQL monitoring provides insights that help pinpoint SQL Server performance issues and identify potential bottlenecks. Viewing MSSQL monitoring metrics Captured MSSQL metrics are displayed on MSSQL Process pages. Click the infographic or the SQL metrics and Further details tabs to view metric details. Collected metrics: User connections Number of users connected to SQL Server. Transactions Number of currently active transactions (all… read more

Enhanced PostgreSQL monitoring (beta)

Announcing beta availability of enhanced Ruxit PostgreSQL monitoring! PostgreSQL monitoring with Ruxit provides you with deep visibility into the performance of your PostgreSQL databases. Captured PostgreSQL metrics are displayed on each PostgreSQL Process pages. Click the infographic or the PostgreSQL metrics and Further details tabs to view metric details. PostgreSQL monitoring metrics Active connections Number of active connections to all databases running under PostgreSQL Buffer hit Number of times disk blocks were found in buffer cache so that… read more

Beta availability of HAProxy monitoring

We’re proud to announce the beta availability of Ruxit HAProxy monitoring. HAProxy is a commonly used load-balancer and proxy for TCP and HTTP-based applications that is considered to be fast, reliable, and well-suited for high-traffic websites. While HAProxy monitoring is in beta you need to manually configure and activate it before you can use it. Configuration of HAProxy monitoring on all your hosts only takes about a minute, regardless of the number of hosts that… read more

Beta availability of Docker container monitoring

Ruxit has been reliably monitoring Dockerized applications for some time now. Now, to provide you with a more complete picture of your Dockerized environments, we’ve added Docker container-centric perspectives on Docker images, services, and hosts. The new Docker overview page provides a summary of the most relevant information: The infographic at the top of the page displays: Number of running containers Top 3 containers consuming the most memory Most recently started container… read more

Quality and performance analysis of process connections

With technology-specific counters and comprehensive network insights, Ruxit already provides a ton of value in the process-monitoring domain. Ruxit measures many valuable metrics and alerts you whenever problems are detected within processes. Sometimes though, this just isn’t enough. Particularly when working with network metrics like retransmissions and traffic it’s important that you know the volume and quality of communication between processes. Only then can you properly diagnose and troubleshoot problems that occur within… read more

Process group tile makes DevOps easy!

Our new Process group tile provides a comprehensive overview of the performance of all your business-critical processes. A dedicated Process group tile can now be set up for each process group in your environment, enabling you to analyze entire sets of processes that perform the same function across multiple hosts. Now, directly from your homepage, you can view all the process metrics that interest you, for example web server counters like Busy threads and requests. You can even set up a tile to track… read more

Dynatrace integrates CloudWatch API for full-stack AWS monitoring

Ruxit now offers integration with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) CloudWatch API and has expanded its intelligent monitoring to services running in Amazon Cloud. Other APM vendors offer limited CloudWatch monitoring support, providing you with raw data and ambiguous notifications. Only Ruxit delivers powerful CloudWatch analytics that provide deep insights and solutions to performance problems. What’s so special about Ruxit that differentiates it from CloudWatch and makes it superior to other AWS monitoring solutions? Read on to find out. Automatic discovery of dynamic… read more