Karolina Ruszkowska

Karolina is a Product Manager at Dynatrace. She is our expert in infrastructure monitoring, with special emphasis on cloud & virtualization topics. She is a big fan of outdoor activities and loves inline skating!

Karolina Ruszkowska's articles

Installed version of OneAgent now displayed on Host pages

You no longer need to enter edit mode on a host page or browse through your environment’s Deployment status page to figure out which version of OneAgent is running on each of your hosts. To view the installed version of OneAgent on a monitored host Select Hosts in the navigation menu. Select the host you’re interested in.  On the Host page, click the Properties and tags link to view the properties of the host, including… read more

OneAgent & Security Gateway – Release notes v1.117

OneAgent Java Support for Mongo Async driver .NET .NET Core Beta support for Windows Node.js Redis support Nginx Support for Nginx Plus R12 was added General improvements and fixes Injection into Docker 1.12+ installed from RPM Support for Fedora 25 Detection of Couchbase, CouchDB, RabbitMQ, and Riak based on code paths (only from the -pa command line parameter, not the ERL_LIBS environment variable) Docker plugin support for 1.13.1 For Docker… read more

OneAgent & Security Gateway – Release notes v1.115

OneAgent updates Node.js Beta support for Node.js version 7. Please contact Dynatrace Support for access. Beta Support for Redis. Please contact Dynatrace Support for access. Nginx Added support for Nginx 1.10.3, 1.11.9, 1.11.10, and Nginx Plus R11. General improvements and fixes Support for musl-libc. Dynatrace now officially supports the monitoring of Docker containers built on Linux distributions that are based on musl-libc, instead of glibc. Most notably, this affects all Alpine Linux… read more

OneAgent & Security Gateway – Release notes v1.113

OneAgent Java Support for Tibco JMS Support for Spring web services Support for CXF 3.x JAX-RS client .NET Support for Service Fabric remoting General improvements and fixes Efficiency improvements for many technologies, resulting in lower CPU usage. Support for user-defined bridge network mode for Docker Quick Emulator (QEMU) hypervisor detection Detection of ZeroMQ message broker Detection of SQLite technology Windows Agent MSI Installer supports custom path installation Enhanced definition of… read more

Dynatrace makes life easy for OpenStack admins (EAP starting)

We’re thrilled to announce the Early Access Program for Dynatrace OpenStack monitoring integration! This blog post is the first in a two-part series that explores how Dynatrace supports the monitoring of OpenStack environments. OpenStack has become quite popular in recent years. Organizations are increasingly opting to build public and private OpenStack clouds for their employees and customers. One reason for the rapid adoption of OpenStack is its vibrant… read more

OneAgent and Security Gateway – Release notes v1.111

OneAgent Java Support for Mule 3.7 HTTP listener Support for JAX-WS Spring remoting Support for REST web services via WINK framework Support for Restlet WS Support for Hessian web services .NET Beta support for Owin/Katana. Please contact Dynatrace Support for details. Nginx Support for Nginx 1.11.8 mainline General improvements and fixes Improved memory usage reporting for Linux hosts Automatic detection of ActiveMQ and CloudFusion Improved detection of RabbitMQ, taking into account… read more

New “Low datastore space” problem type for VMware monitoring

We’ve enhanced anomaly detection for VMware environments with the introduction of a new problem type called Low datastore space. This problem type is triggered whenever a datastore runs out of capacity. When datastore space gets low, virtual machines can become corrupted, which can lead to major outages. Below is an example of a Low datastore space problem card. In this example, seven instances of this problem were detected. Seven ESXi… read more

Docker container monitoring now generally available!

While Docker container monitoring has been in beta for a while now, beginning with OneAgent v1.99, Docker container monitoring is now generally available to all customers. With Docker container support, you can: View a summary of the most relevant Docker metrics, such as the number of running containers, the top 3 containers based on memory consumption, and the most frequently used images. Gain a deep understanding of container resource usage. Track image… read more

Time frame selector now filters all Hosts monitoring data

You can now use the global Time frame selector to filter all Hosts monitoring data based on a specific analysis time frame. With this new option, you can explore host performance over longer time intervals. This can be particularly handy during troubleshooting or in identifying resource usage patterns. For example, if you select Last 30 days from the Time frame selector (upper-right corner in the image below), the Hosts tile indicates the total number of… read more

Custom monitoring plugins now available (EAP)

With custom plugins you can extend Ruxit with additional metrics that support your organization’s unique monitoring needs. Custom metrics are displayed in the Ruxit UI alongside the standard set of performance metrics. Custom monitoring plugins are now available to participants of our Early Access Program. Custom plugins can be created for any process that exposes an interface, such as metrics served over HTTP (for example, databases, applications, and load balancers). You can even define alerting criteria so that… read more