Karolina Ruszkowska

Karolina is a Product Manager at Dynatrace. She is our expert in infrastructure monitoring, with special emphasis on cloud & virtualization topics. She is a big fan of outdoor activities and loves inline skating!

Karolina Ruszkowska's articles

OneAgent & Security Gateway release notes version v1.131

OneAgent  Java Support for Solaris for Java and Apache HTTP Server (beta) Support for IIOP remote services for WebSphere Liberty Support for IIOP remote services for Glassfish Support for JBoss remoting services Apache HTTP server Nginx Improvements to request body handling .NET Method hotspot for .NET Core on Linux Support for .NET 4.7.1 Node.js Deprecated Node.js version 0.10.x, 0.12.x and 5.x Node.js version 7.x will be deprecated with Dynatrace… read more

OneAgent & Security Gateway – Release notes v1.129

OneAgent  Java Java 9 support .NET Argument capture with request attributes Numerical values, aggregations, & deep object access Node.js Added support for Node.js 8.4 Real user monitoring (JavaScript) Support for MooTools 1.6 General improvements and fixes Limits for OneAgent log folder (OneAgent logs, support archives, and crash reports) Libvirt plugin for performance monitoring of OpenStack virtual machines Improvements to cloud-infrastructure monitoring Performance enhancements for Docker plugin Support… read more

New Docker image leverages bootstrapper to download OneAgent installer

With OneAgent version 1.127 we’ve introduced a new Docker image that leverages a bootstrapper to download a preconfigured OneAgent installer instead of an installer that is baked into the Docker image. The new Docker image automatically fetches the latest version of Dynatrace OneAgent. If you’ve specified a default OneAgent install version for new hosts and applications in your OneAgent updates settings, the Docker image will download the defined default… read more

OneAgent & Security Gateway – Release notes v1.127

OneAgent End of Life announcement: Support for older versions of Node.js Node.js 0.10 and .12 have been End of life for several years. We will remove support for those version with the future version 131. Node.js 5 has been End of life for since 2016. We will remove support for those version with the future version 131. End of Life announcement: Support for older versions of Alpine With end… read more

OneAgent & Security Gateway – Release notes v1.125

OneAgent Java Class search and method lookup have been added to the method argument wizard Support for Apache HTTP Core Server (synchronous version) is now available Beta support for Jetty custom handlers is now available. If you want to participate in the Beta program, please post a request here at Dynatrace Answers. .NET Added support for HTTPClient for .NET Added support for HTTPClient for .NET Core Go Initial Beta… read more

OneAgent & Security Gateway: Release notes v1.123

OneAgent Node.js Support for Node 8 PHP Support for PHP 7.1 General improvements and fixes Detection of OpenStack Heat service Improved installation time for systems that have SELinux policies set Full-stack monitoring for IBM AIX 7.x – Early Access Program Unix domain sockets reporting Cloud Foundry hosts managed by BOSH now have their names automatically set to name/index- Linux only Docker injection on Linux PowerPC Little Endian GO process discovery… read more

OneAgent & Security Gateway – Release notes v1.121

OneAgent General improvements and fixes Early Access Program for Linux PowerPC (Little-endian) hosts running on RedHat and CentOS. The EAP includes deep monitoring of Java, Node.js as well as system, network, plugin metrics and log analytics. Garden injection for new garden-runc 1.2.0 release Reporting of CPU usage for Windows protected processes Changes to Erlang grouping. Programs with undiscovered modules will be grouped as ‘Erlang’ Plugins – Technology names in plugin.json are now… read more

OneAgent & Security Gateway – Release notes v1.119

OneAgent Java Spring Web Services client .NET Service Fabric SDK 2.5 support Heap and other ETW metrics for .NET Core Node.js Node.js now reports the loaded packages and versions. To view Node.js package and version detail, expand the Properties section on any Node.js process page. General improvements and fixes SAP technology discovery Server URL for plugin upload is now stored in a persisted configuration Improved aging of Crash reports, significantly… read more

Set up custom process groups for monitoring

Within large, dynamic environments, the number of processes running on your hosts can become overwhelming. For this reason, Dynatrace only monitors process group types that are considered to be important. Valuable process group types that Dynatrace reports on by default include: Java application server (for example, Tomcat, WebSphere, WebLogic, Glassfish, and JBoss) All other Java applications All .NET applications Databases (for example, MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, and Cassandra) Additional technologies (for example,… read more

Linux Security Gateway settings now persisted during updates

Custom configurations of Security Gateway on Linux are now automatically persisted during version updates—so there’s no longer a need to re-enter configuration settings following updates. This enhancement applies to the following settings: proxy-server proxy-port proxy-scheme proxy-user proxy-password port-ssl=9999 dnsEntryPoint ec2InternalDomain fileskeystore.jks and trusted.jsk Here’s an example of a custom Security Gateway configuration on Linux. Security Gateway config files are stored at /var/lib/dynatace/gateway/config/… read more