Joseph Hoffman

Joe Hoffman works in the Sales Engineering team at Dynatrace helping customers realize the full potential of their Dynatrace investment. Although having spent over 30 years in the software engineering world, the best part for Joe is still "getting into the weeds" with customers to solve their performance challenges. He has worked for a full spectrum of companies including Precise (APM), Symantec, Veritas,, Harland, eGlobe, Lockheed Martin, GTE and US Federal Agencies that "don’t exist". When not helping customers, Joe can likely be found racing sailboats in the NW US or walking with his wife and two large dogs on an Oregon beach.

Joseph Hoffman's articles

Causation and Correlation: What difference does it make?

Causation and Correlation: What’s the difference? Why does it matter? Does it matter? Some vendors use time-based correlation to connect events across multiple observed data sets, and claim there’s a connection between two observed data sets. This type of approach is flawed and can lead to wildly inaccurate conclusions, which itself leads to wasted time by technical teams and high cost to the business. In the chart below we observe… read more