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Key Performance Principles of Top Web Businesses

What is meant by ‘performance’ and why should business managers care about it?  Web or mobile performance is the technical capability of a web-based element — a web page, a mobile web page, or a dedicated application — to be fully available for critical business transactions and to load at speeds that meet a customer’s expectations consistently, during peak periods, at all times of the day and across all… read more

Benchmarking Best Practices Used by Top Performers in Web Performance and Mobile Site Performance

Benchmarks measure key customer interaction points — the home page and key business process transactions like placing an order or making a trade — on both web and mobile sites. Web and mobile sites that don’t perform well — are slow to load, have periods of unavailability or have inconsistent performance — negatively impact customers’ experience, their satisfaction, and the likelihood that they will continue to spend time on the site or make a purchase. read more