JeanLouis Lormeau

Jean-Louis Lormeau has 12 years of experience as an architect in DPM solutions. He currently works in the Dynatrace Services team for the critical projects. During these years, he has improved the performance and the availability of plenty of applications in production environments for a large types of applications and customers. With a strong creativity, he always finds new possibilities to reach the target and offer the best answer.

JeanLouis Lormeau's articles

Digital Performance Innovation: A Note from the Front

Some evolutionary changes are actually revolutions. This is the case for DC RUM’s new Universal Decode. It is not simply a new option for decoding a packet stream, part of a set of new features, but a real innovation! My client, a pioneer in the art of measuring, has been waiting for this day for a long time. As a financing subsidiary of a large automotive group, they… read more