Guido Deinhammer

Guido is a Senior Product Manager at Dynatrace with a technical background in developing enterprise software and monitoring solutions. Guido looks after a wide range of Dynatrace technologies, from OneAgent to the UI. He's always looking for ways of improving product usability and simplifying the complexities of APM.

Guido Deinhammer's articles

Dynatrace Managed feature update, Version 110

Following the release of version 110, here are the latest enhancements that we’ve introduced to Dynatrace Managed. Improved load balancing capabilities for the user interface With version 110, you no longer need to worry about sticky sessions when load-balancing the user interface. Dynatrace ensures that cluster nodes can handle all user requests, even when user sessions are initiated on different nodes. Also, multi-node clusters that use the automatic domain name and… read more

OneAgent and Security Gateway – Release notes v1.109

Java Support for TIBCO Business Works job scheduling. This ensures that TIBCO Business Works requests are monitored completely within JVMs. .NET Support for Windows Communication Foundation within standalone .NET processes. For assistance in enabling this within your Dynatrace environment, please contact Dynatrace Support. Nginx Support for Nginx (stable branch) version 1.10.2 and support for Nginx (mainline branch) versions 1.11.6 and 1.11.7 is now available. General improvements and fixes Greatly reduced CPU overhead… read more

OneAgent, Security Gateway, & OneAgent for iOS/Android release notes (version 107)

OneAgent OneAgent log analytics now supports the Docker logging framework, making it possible to access all Docker container log data related to specific applications (i.e., process groups). Log files for processes that write to standard input/output errors and that run in containers that use the default Docker json-logging driver are also available for analysis in the Dynatrace Log viewer.  Docker container logs can now be downloaded from the Log files tab on related… read more

Dynatrace Managed feature update for version 108

Following the release of version 108, here are the latest enhancements that we’ve introduced to the Dynatrace Managed deployment option. New Security Gateway page To enable you to see the resource usage and availability of your public Security Gateways, we’ve overhauled the Security Gateway page. The page now provides a chart that shows you the resource consumption of your Security Gateways. We’ve also added an indicator that shows you when your… read more

OneAgent & Security Gateway release notes for version 105

OneAgent Real user monitoring Support for the new Forwarded HTTP Extension Internet standard is now available. This is an HTTP extension header field that allows proxy components to disclose information lost in the proxying process. This is useful for identifying client IP addresses. For full details, see A new check has been introduced that confirms that auto-injected real user monitoring works at a specified URL: http(s)://<your host>/rb_<ID>?type=check… read more

Early Access: Support for musl-libc based Alpine Linux containers

With OneAgent version 105, we’ve ported the OneAgent modules for Java and Nginx so that they now work with musl-libc, and thereby Alpine Linux-based containers. This gives you full code-level insight into musl-libc based Java processes. For Nginx, OneAgent can now inject the JavaScript tag required for real user monitoring. We’re also working on support for Node.js, Apache HTTPD, and PHP, which will be available within the next few months. read more

Dynatrace Managed feature update for version 106

Following the release of version 106, here are the latest enhancements that we’ve introduced to the Dynatrace Managed deployment option. Yearly quotas for web checks & user sessions In addition to the monthly quotas that we offer for web checks and user sessions, you can now additionally set annual quotas for web checks and user sessions. You can even combine your monthly and yearly quotas to cover overages that occur during peak traffic… read more

OneAgent release notes for version 103

OneAgent Here’s what’s new in OneAgent v103: Java Web request service support for Mule and webMethods Support for Azul Zulu and Azul Zing Node.js Code-level visibility System monitoring Fix for network connectivity problem Anomaly detection adjustment: changed the default threshold for low disk space problems, from 99% to 97% of disk usage “Ruxit Agent” renamed “Dynatrace OneAgent” The installation path has changed to /opt/dynatrace/oneagent The user ruxituser has been renamed dtuser Binaries… read more

Dynatrace Managed feature update – Version 104

Dynatrace Managed customers only Following the release of Dynatrace Managed version 104, here’s a quick update of the new features and improvements we’ve introduced. Resend Community invitations to your users By default, new users logging into Dynatrace Managed for the first time receive emailed invitations to join the Dynatrace Community. Users are encouraged to click a link in the email and set up their Community account. For those instances where… read more

Dynatrace Managed feature update – Sept. 2016

Dynatrace Managed customers only Following the release of Dynatrace Managed v102, it’s time to share a quick overview of the new functionality that we’ve developed to make deployment and configuration of Dynatrace Managed easier than ever. Automated SSL certificate management With on-premise web applications, you typically take on the responsibility of obtaining, installing, and updating SSL certificates and providing a domain name yourself. Not only can this process be cumbersome, it’s also error… read more