Greg Speckhart

Greg Speckhart is a Senior APM Solution Consultant with Compuware APM. Greg has been working in the Application Performance space for several years helping enterprises to better understand and improve application performance.

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When CDNs and SSL Bring Down your Site: Lessons Learned from Doritos and Esurance During the Super Bowl

We first discussed Super Bowl lessons learned around bloated web pages that brought down sites like On the other side, GoDaddy did a great job in reducing the page load just for the time of the Super Bowl to ensure that their site wouldn’t go down. But there is more to learn from than bloated websites: Esurance, for example, was impacted by their choice of CDN Partner which… read more

Bloated Web Pages can Make or Break the Day – Lessons Learned from Super Bowl Advertisers

In my previous post I showed you why GoDaddy could sustain the peak load after its Super Bowl Ad campaign aired and why others like Kia wasted a lot of marketing money because its site availability dropped under the load. In this post, we will look at the technical details behind the impact of oversized pages, and how that may have been averted by read more

DNS, TCP and Size: Application Performance Best Practices of Super Bowl Advertisers

This performance stuff is easy – especially if you follow best practices. Allow me to explain how preparation means everything, especially before a big online event like the Super Bowl. We have analyzed the performance of advertisers’ web sites during the Super Bowl and posted the MVPs as well as the underperformers. This blog post highlights the best practices we can derive when looking at it through the eyes… read more

100 Years in the Movies: One Evening’s Web Performance

Both Paramount & Universal celebrated their 100th anniversary last year, which is a long time to be in the movie business. Arguably, both have made some good, some great, and some bad movies. But, during this year’s Super Bowl, Paramount showed Universal how to design a ‘fast and furious’ web site that stood up to the flood of visitors during and after the game. This post will discuss not only… read more