Florent Duchateau

Florent has nearly 20 years of IT experience, particularly with web technologies, java and performance. At the age of 15, he was already trying to optimize machine code on his Amiga to improve the performance! Florent has been using Dynatrace since version 4, and was so impressed with the product that he decided he wanted to work for Dynatrace. He joined the enablement services team in 2014. As the UK Architect, Florent helps customers configure and use Dynatrace Application monitoring, and applies his in-depth understanding of programming, hardware, performance optimization and load testing to help his customers uncover and resolve their most obscure bottlenecks.

Florent Duchateau's articles

Lessons for Building and Monitoring Scalable ASP.NET Services!

Handling requests from Web Server (IIS) to Application Server (ASP.NET) can lead to performance and scalability issues. Often caused by misconfiguration — not scaling IIS and ASP.NET modules or custom code built without fully understanding what IIS & ASP.NET are executing behind the scenes — when handling requests. While this is not a new problem, it is a problem that software architects or lead developers often ignore. They ignore… read more

APM on latest technologies is a “given” but what about visibility into legacy applications?

Getting full-end-to-end visibility for critical systems is a “must have” nowadays. Most APM solutions integrate fairly well out of the box with common products such as web servers and application servers, but what about other systems? Unfortunately, not all companies use the latest of the latest cloud based open source technologies or even the big application servers such as IBM, Oracle and Microsoft. Some still use in house custom written… read more

Neat code doesn’t always mean improved web app performance

Let’s face it, neat code doesn’t always mean improved web app performance. During my career I have worked with many developers who take pride in what they write but, unfortunately, focus too much on theory and forget about performance. As frameworks become increasingly advanced, developers tend to lose touch with what is happening “under the covers”. What looks like a very clean piece of code on the surface might hide… read more