Erwan Paccard

Erwan Paccard is the Dynatrace director for Mobile Solution Marketing and has been focused on mobile at IBM for the last several years. Reach him at @erwan_paccard

Erwan Paccard's articles

Black Friday + Cyber Monday 2015: Mobile Crushes It Again

If last year’s holiday eCommerce trinity of Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday was the tipping point for mobile, this year paid off BIG for those that bet the trend. While early indications for overall sales may be mixed, online sales were up 36% on Black Friday and up 18.1% on Cyber Monday. That’s pretty good, but the real growth came from mobile. read more

Coming Back to the Digital Future

Millennials have increasingly higher demands from their digital user experiences, and retailers need to adapt faster than ever. Ok, I didn’t make that statement up myself, it’s actually evident in this annual survey (pdf) on mobile holiday shopping titled “Coming Back to the Digital Future.” Millennials surveyed, ages 18 – 34, show us some really great insight into current and future customer expectations. As we all… read more

Managing search bot experience for improved SEO

We all know that appearing top of the search engine results has an important business impact. But fewer know which techniques are specifically used for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google algorithm is a well-kept secret that, if made public, would immediately be optimized against. There is a plethora of documentation on the importance of keywords and links management. But less is found on the third pillar: performance as… read more

Omnichannel vs Multichannel: Are they so different?

I’ve been discussing the topic of customer experience (CX) with quite a few companies over the last several months and was repeatedly drawn into the omnichannel versus multichannel debate. The first aspect people often mention is their scope. From a semantic standpoint, “multi” means “many” and “omni” means “all”. People often mention “order on-line and pick & return in stores are clearly omnichannel and not multichannel”. I don’t believe the… read more