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Who had the fastest web site at Internet Retailer 2012?

The Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition annual event at McCormick Place West in Chicago had record number of attendees with more than 8,600 in attendance over the four-day event including 564 companies exhibiting e-commerce technologies and services. This year’s event was focused on “Connecting with the 21st Century Consumer.” A description from the event brochure stated, ‘It was not long ago that having a decently performing retail web site was… read more

IPv6 Adds Complexity to the Edge of the Internet

Earlier this month, I wrote a post titled “Mastering the Complexity at the Edge’ that focused on the increasing complexities of modern application delivery. One area adding a layer of complexity at the edge of the Internet that can cause poor application performance and end-user experience is the replacement of Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) with IPv6. To keep up with the explosive growth of connected devices and the… read more

Mastering Complexity at the Edge

Unlike past applications that ran solely in the data center, modern applications execute code on diverse edge devices, often calling services from a variety of third-party cloud providers across the Internet, well beyond the view of traditional monitoring systems. To make matters worse, companies that modify their applications more frequently increase the complexity at the edge. While third-party services improve the end-user experience and deliver functionality faster than standalone applications, these… read more

Synthetic and Real-User Monitoring: The Best Approach

When we speak with customers, we’re often asked questions about the pros and cons of monitoring of real users vs. synthetic transactions and whether one approach should be used over the other. The truth is both approaches are relevant and they complement each other. However, there has been some chatter about synthetic monitoring no longer being relevant or needed. We disagree. Synthetic monitoring is an essential approach used to attain… read more