Dave Anderson

Dave is Global VP Marketing at Dynatrace based in Boston. Dave has extensive digital marketing experience working both client side as well as with leading global agencies. Dave has a passion for technical analysis, coding, search, social media strategies, website development, and design. With this he is able to translate complicated theories into a simplified perspective. A self-confessed geek, published musician, coffee addict and sporting tragic, his perspective is rarely boring. You can reach him at @daveando

Dave Anderson's articles

Sky Business News – Australian Online Retailers Slower than World Standards

Recently, I was interviewed by Sky Business News about the site performance of Australian retailers and the fact that they’re amongst the slowest in the world. During one of the busiest Christmas shopping weeks last year, the local retail average homepage response time had crept out to 9.4 seconds. By comparison, the US and UK averages for this same point in time was 3.8 seconds and 3.9 seconds respectively. A… read more

Digital Disruption – 3 key takeaways for better digital experiences

I recently presented at the Digital Disruption Asia Event in Singapore.  My presentation looked at what the best and biggest digital performance leaders are doing today to transform their business; companies like REA Group and Amazon. 1) Digital service delivery has changed and with it the expectation of users. Keeping a generation of spoiled idiots happy is not easy, which means you need accurate insights into their digital experiences. We… read more

Revenge of the Nerds – Why Performance Matters

In this short video I was asked to present on digital disruption and why performance matters to digital marketers, line of business and social gurus.  I took the stance that, yes technical customer experience matters, but also, releasing a successful digital application is a lot harder than it looks. It was October 2015 and Marty McFly had returned from the past… or headed to the future.  Either way when he… read more

Why you shouldn’t always blame your host when your website goes down

I wanted to share a story that most of the non-technical among us, can relate to – website goes down, must be the hosting provider.  This post is an account of a conversation, and subsequent performance testing I did for a friend who had a website outage, where I was able to point out that her hosting provider was not to blame for her website issues. I believe… read more

Form guide – which betting agency website will win the Melbourne Cup?

It’s 4 days until the Melbourne Cup, a horse race that literally stops a nation.  It’s the single biggest betting event in the sporting year, and a huge percentage of the population will have a little wager.  What’s the easiest way to place that bet?  Online… So I thought I’d run some tests on the betting agency websites to see who is in the best form leading up to the… read more

Australia’s Attitude toward Website and Application Monitoring – she’ll be right mate

I recently attended the Online Retailer Conference in Sydney, and I couldn’t resist the temptation to survey the audience.  I recalled a conversation I had with a journalist a few months ago, who said ‘I don’t think anyone monitors apps in Australia.  The developers build them; then they just throw them over the fence’. He mentioned a few examples of some Blue Chip Australian companies who… read more