Christoph Neumüller

Christoph leads the .NET Agent Team at Dynatrace. CLR internals, IL code rewriting and other black magic is his thing. Codes .NET since 1.0 (Full Framework, not .NET Core!). Find him at

Christoph Neumüller's articles

Dynatrace supports monitoring of .NET Core applications

We’re happy to announce that Dynatrace now supports the monitoring of .NET Core (CoreCLR) applications that run on Windows. For .NET Core applications, Dynatrace now provides web and database response times, CPU usage, failure analysis, and GC metrics. Dynatrace can monitor standalone .NET Core apps, ASP.NET Core apps (behind IIS or otherwise), and integrates with Azure App Service (PaaS). All this is available with a single installation of OneAgent, zero code… read more