Christian Schram

Christian is a Senior Sales Engineer at Dynatrace working with customers all over Europe focusing on Mainframe sites with a z/OS (CICS, IMS, WAS and DB2) infrastructure. He has deep experience in Application Performance Management gathered from more than 20 years working as a Software Engineer, Solution Consultant and Project and Performance Manager.

Christian Schram's articles

DB2 Single-row FETCH still wasting big money on Mainframe

Why are we still giving away thousands of dollars to IBM? Is it because we are too lazy to rewrite our code to leverage Multi-row FETCH and Multi-row INSERT vs using Single-row FETCH? Let me show you why it is so important to leverage these very neat features, which were introduced with DB2 for z/OS Version 8 in March 2004. They should dramatically improve the performance of DB2 queries. When… read more