Andreas Lehofer

Andreas is Chief Product Officer at Dynatrace. He is a senior product expert who loves building sophisticated solutions that make people's lives easier. He has worked many years as a product management lead for application performance monitoring solutions. Andreas complements his verve for mathematics and performance analytics with passions for opera music and French cuisine.

Andreas Lehofer's articles

Use filtering to build more effective dashboards and charts

Dynatrace has taken a major step forward in its charting and dashboarding capabilities! We’ve introduced powerful new filtering options that enable you to set up custom dashboards in support of the unique monitoring needs of individual teams. Your teams can now focus on the specific hosts, applications, and/or services that are relevant to their work. We’ve also introduced new charting options that enable you to build custom charts that focus… read more

‘Dynatrace Ruxit’ becomes ‘Dynatrace’

Now, nearly two years since the launch of Dynatrace Ruxit—thanks to the extraordinary success and value that Dynatrace Ruxit brings to our customers—it’s time for a product name change that reflects the deepest possible commitment of the world’s #1 performance management vendor. Going forward, Dynatrace Ruxit will be known simply as ‘Dynatrace’, same as our company name. This is an exciting time for us to move the Dynatrace Ruxit technology and architecture to the forefront of our full-stack digital… read more

Integration with alerting and incident-management

Although the ruxit mobile apps for iOS and Android are the best option for receiving real-time notifications when ruxit detects a problem in your environment, there are situations where you may want to integrate ruxit with other IT alerting tools like PagerDuty or OpsGenie to manage your Ops team’s on-call responsibilities or to consolidate alerts. Possibly your corporate policy mandates that you document all detected problems in an incident-management solution… read more

Dynatrace mobile app monitoring: Leveraging the latest in iOS 8

The next generation of ruxit mobile apps for iOS and Android devices will be available in the next couple of weeks. To enable us to leverage special new iOS 8 features that improve user experience across iPhone and iPad, going forward we will only support iOS 8 on Apple devices. You’ll need an iPhone 4S or more recent hardware to run the next version of the ruxit mobile app. The current version of the ruxit… read more

Improvements to smartscape display and search

With Sprint 63, smartscape receives a couple of improvements that help its display on smaller screens. Please also note that smartscape-specific search has been consolidated into the ruxit global search feature. “Vertical dependencies” now on the left Search consolidated into global search New streamlined visual design… read more