Andreas Grabner

Andreas Grabner has been helping companies improve their application performance for 15+ years. He is a regular contributor within Web Performance and DevOps communities and a prolific speaker at user groups and conferences around the world. Reach him at @grabnerandi

Andreas Grabner's articles

ASP.NET Page LifeCycle X-Ray’d

There are many good articles on the web covering ASP.NET Page LifeCycle – published my Microsoft on MSDN or by professionals in .NET related blogs. Dynatrace allowed me to dive deeper into the Page LifeCycle seeing the impact of my implemented OnInit, OnPreRender, … methods of my pages, web parts and controls when my application actually runs under production load. In order to do Application Performance Management you have to understand … read more

ASP.NET GridView Performance

ASP.NET offers a powerful GridView control that can be used to display data from different data sources, e.g.: SQLServer, LINQ, XML, …  The control additionally supports features like paging, sorting and editing. Visual Studio makes it very easy to use this control on your web page and to bind it to a data source like a SQL Server table. It only takes several drag&drop operations on your page and a few … read more

SharePoint ListItem Performance

SharePoint provides a powerful object model to retrieve and manipulate data stored in SharePoint Lists. Its possible to query the data by retrieving all content from a list or view – or by executing a so called CAML (Collaborative Markup Language) Query Real-Life GetItemById Problem I’ve recently been working with a customer who faced performance problems with their custom developed web parts. The Web Parts allowed a user to view … read more

Got LINQed?

What is LINQ? LINQ (Language Integrated Query) is a great set of new features that evolved out of the LINQ Project ( LINQ allows you to execute “SQL Like” queries against different kinds of data sources (.NET objects/lists, SQL, XML). Its very powerful and it helps developers to query for certain information instead of “hand-coding” loops, if’s and switches. How fast is LINQ compared to “traditional” looping? In order to … read more

Instrumenting SQL Server Managed Stored Procedures

Starting with SQL Server 2005 a database developer has the option to implement Stored Procedures in Managed Code. SQL Server offers a feature which is called “CLR Integration”. A good starting point for additional technical background is the following link: This feature is a great improvment for database developers. Its also possible to debug the managed code when you execute the procedure. The upcoming question for me was: “Can … read more

VSTS LifeCycle Integration to monitor SharePoint

I am currently attending MSFT TechEd in Orlando. During lasts week TechEd for Developers I was given the opportunity to talk about dynaTrace Diagnostics – the Integration into Visual Studio Team System and how dynaTrace is able to provide a solution for Microsoft SharePoint throughout the Application LifeCycle. They key components to our LifeCycle Solution are: A Knowledge Sensor Pack for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) and Windows SharePoint Services … read more