Alois Reitbauer

Alois is Chief Technology Strategist of Dynatrace. He is fanatic about monitoring, DevOps and application performance. He spent most of his professional career in building monitoring tools and speeding up applications. He is a regular conference speaker, blogger, book author and Sushi maniac.

Alois Reitbauer's articles

Understanding Caching in Hibernate – Part Two : The Query Cache

Update Jan 21, 2016: You can now test all this on your own application FOR FREE – FOR LIFE. Get your Dynatrace Personal License and Watch our YouTube Tutorials In the last post I wrote on caching in Hibernate in general as well as on the behavior of the session cache. In this post we will have… read more

Understanding Caching in Hibernate – Part One : The Session Cache

Update Jan 21, 2016: You can now test all this on your own application FOR FREE – FOR LIFE. Get your Dynatrace Personal License and Watch our YouTube Tutorials Hibernate offers caching functionality which is designed to reduces the amount of necessary database access.  This is a very powerful feature if used correctly. However I have seen a lot of cases and… read more

Performance Antipatterns – Part 1

Last year december I gave a talkat DeVoxx on Performance Antipatterns.  Some people asked me to make avaiable the contents of my talk. Instead of publishing the slides I decided to write a couple of blog entries on the contents of my talk. In the first entry I will start with some general perceptions on people and performance.  I have found these perceptions in many situations. Most… read more

How to Find Invisible Performance Problems

In the first post for this year, I will discuss an interesting question: “How to find invisible performance problems”. What makes up an invisible performance problem? An invisible performance problem is an inherent problem in your code, which does not yet manifest in externally observable problems like slow response times, high CPU load or the like. These problems are very often scalability problems. The major point with those problems is… read more

Performance vs. Scalability

When people talk about performance and scalability they very often use these two word synonymously. However they mean different things. As there is a lot of misunderstanding on that topic, I thought it makes sense to have a blog post on it. One of the best explanations can be found here.  It is a nice explanation by Werner Vogels the CTO of amazon.  I… read more

Performance Analysis in Load Testing

Collection diagnostics information in Load Testing is a challenging task. Using dynaTrace it is possible to collect in-depth code level details with minimum performance overhead. However, although the performance overhead is low, collecting every single detail results in a huge amount of collected data. For 24 hour load tests this can be up to tens of gigabytes. In stress test scenarios which target to bring an… read more

Performance Antipattern : Logical Structure vs. Physical Deployment

A very common performance anti-pattern is wrong deployment of components. This often comes when applications are deployed as they are designed at a conceptual level. Most web-based applications today are build based on the Model-View-Controller concept. This means that components are seperated into : A view part responsible for presenting a user interface to the end user. A controller part containing the interaction logical as well as business logic. read more

Optimizing Remoting by Optimizing Serialization

RMI Remoting Optimization Remoting is a key element in modern enterprise applications . While it can help to increase scalabilty and performance it might also become a bottleneck. Especially in highly transactional applications the network easily becomes the bottleneck. I examined possible performance optimizations in Java RMI following the guidance given in the book Java RMI. The results are very interesting. I used a simple address service… read more

Lazy vs. Eager Loading in Hibernate

I recently gave a presentation at Jax 2008 where I talked about common problems on usage of database technologies and O/R mappers. A general question is on whether to use lazy or eager loading. Generally lazy loading provides advantages as it does not pre fetch all referenced data from the database. However when details are required lazy loading can very easily result in the famous N+1 query problem. The… read more

Technical Interview at TheServerSide Conference

Ted Feyler, Technical Product Manager at dynaTrace, had a very nice interview with Joe Oettinger about dynaTrace. The video answers a lot of common questions and provides a good technological overview. It’s definitely worth watching!… read more