Alois Reitbauer

Alois is Chief Technology Strategist of Dynatrace. He is fanatic about monitoring, DevOps and application performance. He spent most of his professional career in building monitoring tools and speeding up applications. He is a regular conference speaker, blogger, book author and Sushi maniac.

Alois Reitbauer's articles

JPA Under The Hood – Understanding the Dynamics of Your JPA Framework

I recently gave a talks on the behaviour of different JPA frameworks at W-JAX(Germany) and TheServerSide Java Symposium (Prague). As some people have asked me, I am publishing the samples as well. I would also give away the eclipse project, however with all the third party libraries I am sure I will end up not doing it legally correct. Additionally I… read more

The Right Architecture: Performance in AJAX Applications

This week I presented at W-JAX on Performance in AJAX Applications. You can find the slides here. Jax Ajax Architecture from Alois Reitbauer Additionally I propose everybody to try Dynatrace Free trial for analyzing AJAX performance in Internet Explorer. read more

Video on Common Performance Antipatterns online

Parleys – Common Performance Antipatterns Last year at devoxx I gave a talk on common pitfalls in performance management. Parleys has now put the talk online. A couple of people have been asking to get slides. Now you can even get the voice and the slides. In this presentation I give an overview of typical performance… read more

Performance Antipatterns in AJAX Applications

Several years ago JavaScript was seen as a „playground“ due to compatibility problems with browsers and high maintenance costs. Under the term AJAX JavaScript made the breakthrough in the last years. One of the reasons is the availability of libraries and better support of the major browser platforms. Prototype, and jQuery are under the most well-known frameworks which solve the browser compatibility… read more

JPA Frameworks under the Hood @ TheServerSide Prague

TSS Prague I’m speaking For all attending TheServerSide Symposium in Prague. I will present on JPA Frameworks details relevant to O/R Mapper Performance. This talk is an extension to my blog posts on Hibernate caching. As an appetizer the session abstract: Persistence… read more

Performance Considerations in Distributed Applications

Distribution and communication between applications and services is a central concept in modern application architectures. In order to profit from distribution you have to keep some basic principles in mind – otherwise you can easily run into performance and scalability problems. During development these problems often do not surface.  Then suddenly in load testing or production you might then realize that your chosen software architecture does not support the required… read more

Java Memory Problems

Memory Leaks and other memory related problems are among the most prominent performance and scalability problems in Java.  Reason enough to discuss this topic in more detail. The Java memory model- or more specifically the garbage collector –  has solved many memory problems. At the same time new ones have been created. Especially in J EE Environments with a large number of parallel users, memory is more and more becoming… read more

Live from JavaOne – The Cloud Growing Up?

I already listened to a couple of talks on the cloud. The whole cloud topic start to grow up, meaning more and more application scenarios for the cloud are appearing. Yesterday there was a very useful classifcation of cloud services. The differentiated cloud services at a couple of different levels. Infrastructure as a Service – providing computing power or storage Stack as a Service – providing infrastructure plus an application… read more

Performance Management in Continuous Integration

I recently gave  presentations on Performance Management as part of Continuous Integration at QCon London and JAX in Wiesbaden. While I got the feedback that this definitely makes sense, a lot of people said they do not know how to put it into practice.  Therefore I will provide a short implementation guide on how to… read more

Understanding Caching in Hibernate – Part Three : The Second Level Cache

Update Nov 27, 2014: You can now test all this on your own application. Download Dynatrace Free AppMon Trial and Watch our YouTube Tutorials In the last posts I already covered the session cache as well as the query cache. In this post I will focus on the second-level cache. The… read more