Alexander Sommer

Alex is a Senior Technical Product Manager at Dynatrace. He has deep experience gleaned from the earliest days of web development, performance, and analytics for online businesses. He is the expert for real user monitoring at Dynatrace.

Alexander Sommer's articles

3rd party providers tile is now app-specific

The current 3rd party providers homepage tile enables you to view the activity of the top three 3rd-party and CDN content providers used by the applications in your environment. With Sprint 66 you can now configure 3rd party providers tiles that show application-specific 3rd-party and CDN content provider activity. To set up an application-specific 3rd party providers tile: On the ruxit homepage, click + Add tile. From the 3 MOST USED THIRD PARTY PROVIDERS tile listing, select… read more

World map view for watched user actions

To date it has only been possible to view regional Apdex scores and user action counts for an entire application on the world map. With Sprint 66 you now have the option of viewing regional activity for each individual watched user action on the world map. read more

Top-consuming user action list gets facelift

The top-consuming user actions list (a list of those user actions that consume the most resources) has received a face lift and some new features with Sprint 64. Here are the highlights: The list now shows 20 entries by default before the pagination arrows are displayed. Watched user actions are now displayed at the top of the list. Each user action name now serves as a clickable link to that… read more

Agentless Real User Monitoring

Breaking News: You can use Ruxit on ALL your sites to monitor ANY technology—even if you don’t have direct access to your site’s host. Here’s why this is so awesome: Though Ruxit setup is pretty easy, you still need root access to your site’s host to install it. But what if your WordPress, Ghost, Jekyll, Statamic, Kirby, Perch, you-name-it app is externally hosted? You likely can’t get root privileges to… read more