Alexander Sommer

Alex is a Senior Technical Product Manager at Dynatrace. He has deep experience gleaned from the earliest days of web development, performance, and analytics for online businesses. He is the expert for real user monitoring at Dynatrace.

Alexander Sommer's articles

New application views now in beta!

The Ruxit team has been hard at work on new real user monitoring use cases and a complete redesign of our application views. We’re excited to give you a preview of the new designs and the cool features that accompany them. The new application views are available with Ruxit Agent v1.75. Please take some time to look them over and give us your feedback. We’d love to hear what you… read more

Which web request services contribute to each user action?

When analyzing an individual user action, it’s helpful to see which web request services are triggered by the action. Not just for the HTML, but also for dynamic and static content like XHRs, CSS, and images. Our new “beta release” application view offers this functionality for all high priority user actions. To enable the new beta view for applications: From the homepage, click the Applications tile. On the Applications page, select the application… read more

Behind the scenes: User behavior analytics

User behavior analytics will soon be available on each application page. Read on for a sneak peek at what you can expect from this innovative feature! Ruxit real user monitoring doesn’t only provide details regarding user actions (page visits and XHR requests). Because real user monitoring begins in the browser, it can correlate all user actions performed by an individual user over the course of their visit. We… read more

New design for browser breakdowns

Display of user-action breakdown information by browser type has been enhanced. The view now offers an intuitive design and a table has been added to the pie chart to make the usage percentages easier to read at a glance. Also, a new tablet browsers category has been added to differentiate mobile device browsers from tablet browsers. read more

Visibility into slowest regions and highest JavaScript error counts

The world map view for application health receives a fresh design with Sprint 69. The new design helps you answer two key questions: In which region does my application run the slowest? In which region do the most JavaScript errors occur? It has long been possible to view overall user experience Apdex ratings and traffic levels by region. It hasn’t however been possible previously to view action duration or JavaScript error… read more

Application overview enhancements. Plus Hyperlyzer!

Sprint 68 brings some long-awaited features to the Application overview page! The Application pages and most of the application detail pages now include a Problems tile. This tile displays all application-related problems and enables quick navigation to related application-specific problem pages. A new properties tile has been added to the Application overview page that includes meta information about the selected application. This tile shows you the detection rule that… read more

Automatic naming of XHR user actions based on URL

While monitoring Ruxit with Ruxit we discovered how helpful it would be if user action names were created automatically based on triggered Ajax/XHR URLs. This feature is now in place with Sprint 68. By including an extraction rule following each specific URL pattern, Ruxit is now able to provide intuitive automatic naming of XHR user actions. read more

Application and User action tile enhancements

The homepage tiles we use to provide you with the most important application and user action metrics have been reworked to give you more complete insights at a glance. The Application tile displays key performance indicators related to a selected application. To pin the Application tile to your homepage: From the homepage, click Add tile. Within the tile catalog, scroll down to the Application tile entry. Select an application from the drop list. read more

Ignore recurring JavaScript errors

Sprint 67 brings you the option of ignoring non-urgent JavaScript errors. It’s true that ignoring errors is generally not a great idea. Sometimes however a recurring JavaScript error may be inconsequential to your customers’ end user experience—for example if the error doesn’t affect your product’s functionality or the error is the result of a conflict between two of your advertisement providers. While you should eventually investigate and resolve all JavaScript… read more

Create and monitor custom user actions

Sprint 66 brings a cool new feature that helps you get the most from your real user monitoring. You can now create and monitor your own custom user actions using a simple JavaScript API. To create and monitor custom user actions: Update  ruxit Agent to version 1.65x or greater. Go to Settings > Real user monitoring > Custom user actions. Click the Download JavaScript API button to download a small library, ruxitAPI.js. Add this library to… read more