It’s been a bit more than a year since we launched Ruxit as a SaaS offering. In the last 12 months we’ve seen significant growth and industry adoption. As of today we have about 5,000 users who trust Ruxit to manage their business-critical applications.

Not everyone can use a SaaS solution

Despite the massive success of our SaaS offering, we’ve heard from some customers who aren’t permitted to use cloud-based solutions due to their organizational security policies. While we took significant effort in making Ruxit the securest SaaS monitoring offering available, some industries have strict regulatory and policy requirements that don’t permit the use of SaaS offerings.

After speaking with a number of companies in the finance, healthcare, and engineering industries to learn about their monitoring requirements, we’ve developed an ideal solution that makes Ruxit available to all our customers. We call this offering Ruxit Managed.

Ruxit Managed is more than just Ruxit on-premises

In building Ruxit Managed we wanted to do more than just provide a version of our software that can be installed on-premises or in a private cloud. Our goal is to bring the key conveniences of our SaaS solution—like ease-of-use, no operational overhead, and fast release cycles—to an on-premises monitoring offering.

Here’s why Ruxit Managed is more than a typical on-premises monitoring solution:

  • Batteries included: Ruxit Managed is a pre-packaged version of our SaaS Ruxit cluster. We’ve invested significant effort into making it super simple to install. Just download the installation package and start a new node. That’s it. Unlike other monitoring providers, we don’t have third-party software requirements.
  • Full multi-tenant support: For big organizations that want to provide monitoring-as-a-service internally, we offer full integration with user management systems like Active Directory.
  • Data stored on-premises: No data leaves your data center or private cloud. This ensures compliance with your data-privacy requirements.
  • High scalability: Ruxit Managed shares the same web-scale architecture that Ruxit SaaS relies on. This means you can easily scale up to monitor thousands of machines by adding additional nodes. While other monitoring solutions force you into planning scalability ahead of time, with limited options for scaling later, Ruxit grows with demand and offers built-in high availability.
  • Ruxit Mission Control: Each Ruxit Managed deployment is connected to a highly secure management layer and a dedicated support team that’s available 24/7. This means that we can now manage your cluster for you. Other monitoring vendors require a dedicated in-house operations team to run on-premises monitoring software.
  • Ruxit Pulse: On-premises software typically has longer release cycles than SaaS products. This isn’t the case with Ruxit Managed. As your cluster is connected to Ruxit Pulse—our continuous delivery service for product updates—you get the same two-week feature update frequency that’s available with Ruxit SaaS. This means you get deployment-schedule support that fits your update requirements.
  • Ruxit Experts: We built Ruxit with the goal of helping you solve problems, not just show you raw data. With this in mind, over the last year we’ve significantly improved our AI-based diagnostic capabilities. Nonetheless, human expertise is sometimes required for particularly challenging problems. By teaming up with our friends at Dynatrace, we can now offer expert services for tricky application performance problems.

Accessing Ruxit Managed

We’ve kept things simple and easy to get started. If you haven’t done so already, visit the Ruxit Managed trial page and sign up for Ruxit SaaS. This way you can evaluate the full feature set of our SaaS solution without infrastructure hassles. Following your evaluation, let us know that you’re interested in purchasing Ruxit Managed and we’ll get in touch with you.

Join us on our journey

At Ruxit, we’re very excited about the general availability of Ruxit Managed. Having the conveniences of a SaaS solution on-premises in your own datacenter is something unique in the enterprise software industry. While similar innovations may have been made in consumer software like operating systems and software-powered appliances, no one else has achieved this in enterprise software. We’ve done it and we look forward to hearing your feedback.