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“Dynatrace gives you the full picture of why your apps crashed and how to prevent it from happening again. It has also told us exactly how we’re using our environment, so we know what resources to move to the cloud for greater productivity and efficiency. You get instant value from Dynatrace.”

Nestor Zapata, Citrix

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The #1 leader in application performance management

Cloud providers
Tech brands

7 years a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader. And proud of it.

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Get your ticket to Perform Europe today!

Hitting all the hottest topics and showcasing the biggest digital transformation stories, Perform Europe will take place in Barcelona from May 23rd to 25th. Discover how to reinvent digital performance with 3 days of immersive, hands-on, knowledge sharing from the best and brightest in the industry.

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We are one of the AI heavyweights

Forbes has listed us alongside Amazon, Samsung, IBM, Microsoft, and Apple as having one of the AI-powered virtual assistants that's re-shaping big business. How cool is that?

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Going head to head: Dynatrace
vs. AppDynamics

The application performance management market is one of the hottest tech industries today. Why? Because perfect digital experiences can make or break an enterprise.

We have redefined APM and innovate faster than anyone else. Read why here.

Dynatrace VS. AppDynamics

Meet Davis, our digital virtual assistant.

Powered by AI and accessible via Amazon Alexa or Slack, you can ask our virtual assistant, ‘davis’, things like: “Were there any operational problems in the last 24 hours?”

You get contextual answers, not data, which means performance management moves beyond IT. Watch this video and learn more.

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Want more insight into what we do?

Users demand superb digital experiences—all the time. But without full stack, end-to-end visibility into every user and every application, that’s an impossible task.

Here’s why you need to choose the right application performance management partner.

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We've redefined monitoring. Our capabilities are unrivaled.

AI-powered analytics

AI-powered analytics

Full stack discovery

Full stack discovery

Fully automated

Fully automated


Self-healing at scale

Unified monitoring for the full stack environment.
Installed in minutes.

Digital Experience Analysis

Digital experience analytics

  • Real user and synthetic monitoring
  • Session recording & replay
  • Mobile app analytics
  • Business transactions
  • Connected device experience / IoT

Application performance management

Application performance management

  • Deep-dive application monitoring
  • Code-level visibility
  • Database monitoring
  • Continuous delivery analytics
  • Enterprise application monitoring

Cloud & infrastructure monitoring

Cloud & infrastructure monitoring

  • Cloud monitoring
  • Microservices & container monitoring
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Log analytics
  • Network monitoring

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