DevOps and Continuous Integration

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DevOps: Deliver Higher Quality Software with Confidence

  • All-in Agile

  • Reduce lead times

  • Shift left for better quality

  • Built-in metrics-based feedback loops

  • Manage technical debt

“All-in” Agile: Collaborate across the DevOps delivery pipeline to level-up your game

All in Agile means everyone who’s part of the process is part of the team—business, devops, dev, test, ops…everyone. When every person in your delivery pipeline speaks the same language, you improve collaboration, eliminate finger pointing, and level-up the entire team’s quality.

Dynatrace provides automatic quality checks integrated into your existing software delivery tools. Each team member sees quality feedback on their screen while they’re working, leveling up their software quality skills and contribution to the outcome. And isn’t raising everyone’s game what teamwork is all about?



Reinventing the way they develop, deploy and run the software that supports their business through DevOps best practices



Replace unplanned work with planned quality checks

A key to DevOps is to identify performance issues early and often—during your fast continuous integration tests. Don’t waste hours on large scale load tests that don’t provide any additional information, or worse, spend all night in a war room when problems make it to production.

Starting with code check-in on your developer’s machine, automated quality checks prevent bad code from showing up later in the pipeline when it’s more complicated to fix. As much as you might LOVE “spontaneous” extra work, we think you’d rather be doing something else…

Metrics-based feedback loops for every feature release—built in.

Who’s using these features? How are they using them? What are their operational costs? Good questions. You need real end-user feedback, but what if you don’t have access to the code? How do you get this critical information from 3rd party components?

Let’s talk transparency…Dynatrace enables developers, devops, architects, and business owners to define metrics on custom or 3rd party code in one click, right in the UI. You’ll have these metrics from the start of your delivery pipeline all the way into production, with context, for every feature release. It doesn’t get any more transparent than that.



Turn technical debt into technical savings with proactive performance engineering

90% of your code isn’t yours. Some appears to have been written before you were born, or came from another planet entirely. The larger your development team, and the more 3rd party services you use, the harder it is to enforce architectural best practices. The resulting technical debt can jeopardize an otherwise solid release…and the debt just keeps piling up.

Dynatrace automatically identifies architectural pitfalls in all code—even 3rd party and legacy. Architects get flagged automatically when bad code is checked in so they can fix the problem immediately with the engineer who made the change—even if they work for another company. You deliver higher quality code releases without technical debt. That’s a savings plan that pays continuous dividends.